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Sapwell Testimonials


"I am really glad to have acquired the Anion Purifier for Vehicles. Its odour removal prowess is simply amazing! Now I can finally drive to the wet market to do my grocery shopping without having to air my car."
From Richard Yee, Project Manager.


"You will definitely feel the benefits of this product on long-distance driving trips. It has certainly helped prevent the fatigue devils from getting to me!"
From Brent Toh, Business Owner.


"The Anion Purifier for Vehicles is a MUST-HAVE for all car-owners out there. It really does as promised – it is FANTASTIC at removing microdust particles and pollutants! The car really feels cleaner!"
From Derrick Yap, Sales Manager.


"I will definitely recommend the BN 154 table lamp to all my friends! I feel so much FRESHER and focused when doing my homework!"
From Gracia Tan, Student.


"Working through the night has been made easier than ever with the Anion LED Desk Lamp. Not only is the light comfortable to the eyes, the Anion function has been really effective in keeping me awake through long drainy nights of work."
From Eddie Chew, Student.