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"My daughter, who is studying in Junior High School, contacted dermatitis (a type of skin condition). She could not even use her fingers when the symptoms worsened. After using Bluen's products for 2 weeks, she was able to use her fingers and after a month, her fingers recovered fully. I will strongly recommend to friends with rashes and skin related problems."

-Ms Kim, 45 years old

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BN320 Tubular Anion LED Lamp for Meat Display




LED lighting which is located in the center of the green industries has various merits. Not to mention energy saving, long durability, eco-friendly characteristics, etc., it could select and utilize the lights of the wavelength wanted only among the pure visible lights. Each wavelength has its proper characteristics. The beautiful red light could enhance the goods value of the meat. Moreover while the existing fluorescent lamps for meat display emit ultraviolet rays harmful for living things, LED doesn't generate such rays at all and to the contrary helps the freshness of the meat. In addition in harmony with such characteristics of LED is anion. Anion fundamentally prevents inhabitation of the bacteria, helps aging of the meat and makes it the one with good flavor and smell, enhancing the value of the goods. This anion LED lamp for meat shop display was developed by Bluen for the first time in the world. (anion generator patent number 10-0518469)


•   Prevents the inhabitation of the bacteria in the meat, helping the freshness and aging of the meat.
•   Eliminates the meat smell a little bloody in the meat shop.
•   Makes the meat tender and flavorsome through aging.
•   Enhances the freshness of the meat without the ultraviolet rays being emitted unlike the general fluorescent lamps.
•   Raises the purchasing desire with the beautiful light of pure red emission.
•   Energy saving of 50% and long duration of 40,000 hours.