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"My daughter, who is studying in Junior High School, contacted dermatitis (a type of skin condition). She could not even use her fingers when the symptoms worsened. After using Bluen's products for 2 weeks, she was able to use her fingers and after a month, her fingers recovered fully. I will strongly recommend to friends with rashes and skin related problems."

-Ms Kim, 45 years old

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BN111A Tulip Anion Generator Set (Pin Tpe)


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Product Features:

•  Improves sleeping conditions with cleaner air which provides for better breathing.
•  Economical with minimal power expense.
•  Resists certain bacteria, viruses and moulds.
•  Eliminates bad odour and purifies air.
•  Clean and healthy environment for quality family time.

Recommended Usage:

•   Bedroom usage to ensure quality sleep.
•   Small & handy, suitable for travelers and holiday goers.
•   In wardrobe or shoe racks for effective removal of odour.