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"My daughter, who is studying in Junior High School, contacted dermatitis (a type of skin condition). She could not even use her fingers when the symptoms worsened. After using Bluen's products for 2 weeks, she was able to use her fingers and after a month, her fingers recovered fully. I will strongly recommend to friends with rashes and skin related problems."

-Ms Kim, 45 years old

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BLUE FARM Planting & Husbandry in Indoor




Blue Farm is not a simple LED light, but purifies indoor air, eliminate the bad smells and sterilize the air with long duration and minimal power expense. It is the world's first patent product (patent registration number 10-1030695). With the technology of Bluen's Green Forest Anion doesn't produce ozone smelling fishy and harmful for human body but produces rich anions good for health and even resists and sterilizes bacteria and viruses with the nano silver function. In addition it doesn't emit ultraviolet rays which are harmful for human body compare to fluorescent light. This product is effective for atopy, asthma, immunity and concentration.


•   Sufficient amount of light for plant's growth.
•   Easy to water the plant.
•   Selectable wavelength for different plants.
•   Create a variety of graden plants with different size.
•   Long duration with low cost LED.
•   Easy to control the lights by self-timer (option).
•   Anion fluorescent lamp can be placed for better planting and purifying indoor air (option).
•   Easy to assemble, disassemble, storage, and move.